'Fed Up With Black People': Dairy Queen Owner Calls This 21-Year-Old Mother & Her Two Children 'N-Word'

'Fed Up With Black People': Dairy Queen Owner Calls This 21-Year-Old Mother & Her Two Children 'N-Word'

After launching a racially charged tirade against a mother and her young children, a Dairy Queen franchise owner has lost his business, and rightfully so.  

It happened last week outside in Indiana, when 21-year-old Deia Ford realized she'd received an incomplete order at the Zion DQ. When franchise owner Jim Crichton refused to correct the order, Ford asked for her money back.  After refunding the woman her cash, Crichton decided to give the customer a piece of his mind, in front of her young children.

“He took out his flip phone and he said he would take a picture and put it on Facebook because he wants to show the world what kind of n—— he has to deal with. Then he shut the window and walked away," Ford told the Washington Post

After the altercation, Ford panicked and called 911. When police arrived the DQ owner proudly declared he'd gladly go to jail maintaining Ford and her children deserved to be called the N-word.

Ford, a full-time college student, has a 2-year-old daughter and 5-month-old son, the News-Sun reported.

Crichton "boastfully told me he would be happy to go to jail over the issue and proudly admitted to calling Ford a slur," the officer wrote in the report. Crichton also, according to the report, said that he is "fed up with black people" and used slurs "freely" to describe them. 

Crichton later changed his story, however. In a comment to the News-Sun on Thursday afternoon, Crichton said, "It's 99% lies. This is blown so far out of proportion it's stupid. Her order was confusing, and I told her, 'Here's your money back.' This is so far blown out of proportion," Mic reports.

Although Crichton apologized and promised to attend diversity training, the damage was already done, The Chicago Tribune reported. 

Once Ford posted about the incident on social media the post went viral. All the way to DQ headquarters which promptly ended his franchise license causing Crichton's business to shut its door indefinitely. 

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